A culmination of things I dig.

Wisecrack has an amazing offering of videos that tie in old school thinking with modern day. If you need help making sense of world seemingly gone mad, I advise giving these guys a shot, starting with the first video that made me instantly fall in love.


On days when I feel like delving into an existential crisis (really, triggering one for me is as easy as shooting fish in a barrel with a shotgun) or want to learn something I clearly spaced on in academia, I give these guys a visit. Great videos and you'll feel smarter in minutes...for better or for worse.

Some people were just born to do the Lord's work. What happens when you combine modern day technology, inspiration, genius and meld it with the edgy action laced scores from back in the day? A cocaine induced fury of nostalgia. If you hear words like "Miami Vice, Ninjas, and explosions (before Michael Bay ruined them), then you will love this.